Savings & Loans Credit Union

If you're from Australia and you're in need of some financial assistance, then perhaps you'd like to turn to the Savings & Loans credit union. Located all over Australia, this credit union is the second largest in the country and it has over 170,000 members. Savings & Loans offers an assortment of loans to the community, and the given rates and terms are indeed attractive.

Savings & Loans is committed to providing quality products at affordable prices, but aside from this, the credit union is also dedicated to its core values of community involvement, social responsibility, environmental awareness, customer satisfaction, and organisational development. Because of this credit union's impressive relations with its members, employees, and other and institutions, Savings & Loans has merited quite a number of accolades. Among this credit union's awards are Money Magazine's Investment Lender of the Year 2007, Corporate Responsibility Index Silver Star for the years 2006 and 2007,the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Community and Business Partnerships, and Employer of Choice for Women for the years 2003 to 2007.

With a long list of achievements, the Savings & Loans credit union continues to serve the Australian population with a variety of products. Savings & Loans offers home and personal loans to the community.

The types of home loans from Savings & Loans cover all of your housing needs. If you're about to buy your first home or if you wish to buy another one, this credit union can give you the amount you need. If you wish to build a new house or make repairs on the one you have, Savings & Loans can also provide you with much-needed financial assistance.

As for the union's personal loan products, Savings & Loans offers to interested applicants 4 kinds of personal loans: the Fixed Rate Personal Loan, Introductory Rate Personal Loan, Breathe Easy Car Loan, and Debt Consolidation. These personal loans were designed to assist you with whatever personal need you have.

With awards, achievements, and assistance, there is no doubt that the Savings & Loans credit union provides excellent service to the Australian population.