The Heritage Building Society

The Heritage Building Society is well-known for its "people first" motto. Beyond the motto, this organisation is the biggest building society in Australia and is committed to providing its members with the highest quality of finance services. As a member of the Heritage Building Society, you can actually own a part of this company and participate actively in its comings and goings. Your voice as a member is an important part of the company's backbone. Because the focus of this organisation is not on profits but on excellent and affordable finance services, members can expect affordable charges and fees, fair prices, adequate customer support, and flexible finance products.

A product of a merger between the Darling Downs Building Society and Toowoomba Permanent Building Society in 1981, this mutual organisation continues to provide the communities of Queensland, Australia with high-quality finance services. These excellent finance services include online banking services, share trading, term deposits, home loans, debit and credit cards, saving and access accounts, insurance, financial planning, personal loans, and other useful personal finance services.

A popular service this organisation offers is its personal loans program. Through this finance program, you can actually get a quick loan for any worthwhile purpose -- a dream vacation for you and your family, a sailboat, or a new home or car accessory. This excellent finance program comes with flexible options for repayment and a fairly easy application process.

On the business side, the Heritage Building Society offers business netbanking services, share trading, business overdrafts and loans, cheque account, and other useful tools that can help you grow your local business.

Because this company puts people first, it has several community-oriented initiatives. A fine example of the company's community-oriented initiatives is its sponsorship program that's meant to promote the cultural, sporting, and business growth of local communities.