Community CPS Australia

The merging of CPS Credit Union Ltd and CPS Credit Union Co-operative Ltd on March 4, 2006 led to the creation of Community CPS Australia. Community CPS Australia is a financial organisation that is now among the most influential and largest of Australia's credit unions. It boasts of more than 140,000 members, approximately 400 employees, and 1.4 billion AUD in assets. Community CPS has 21 branches in South Australia, in regional New South Wales, and in the Australian Capital Territory.

At Community CPS Australia, you will be joining together with a group of people to pool your savings. Loans with reasonable interest rates are granted to members. The profits are then distributed to the members' savings to make their money grow. The organisation runs on democracy, which means that your opinions will be heard and the members really do have power over the decisions made. Being a member of Community CPS is just like having your own financial institution because you can take part in meetings and your vote will be taken into account when deciding over important matters.

If you would like to become a member of Community CPS, then you must visit the nearest Community CPS branch along with some of your identification documents. Upon joining, you are required to get a share for an amount ranging from 2 AUD to 10 AUD.

There are many benefits that you can get from being a member of Community CPS. Community CPS offers you a variety of packages that will fit your needs. These packages include the Community CPS SMALLB'z, the Community CPS life membership, and the Community CPS pinnacle and pinnacle +plus program. Aside from that, Community CPS will also provide you with legal services, building inspection service, valuation service, and conveyancing service when the time comes that you need to avail of them.