Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank is one of the largest and leading banking institutions in Australia today, with businesses found in Asia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Australia's Commonwealth Bank offers various outstanding financial services to address various client needs. These services include superannuation, funds management, banking services (retail, premium, business, and institutional), general and life insurance products, and brokering services.

The Commonwealth Bank began its operations in 1912, a year after it was established in 1911 under the legislation called Commonwealth Bank Act. As such, the Commonwealth Bank boasts of a long banking history in the country, and notable innovations that continue to benefit their clients today. Since its foundation and early beginnings, the Commonwealth Bank has been committed to providing only the best service and excellent financial solutions to address the different needs of their client base.

Australia's Commonwealth Bank currently has the largest distribution network for various financial services in the country today, with 1,010 branches, over 3,800 post agencies, more that 3,200 ATMs, over 10 call centers, and over 171,000 supported EFTPOS terminals. To provide their clients with convenient banking options, Commonwealth Bank has also made online banking services available through NetBank and CommSec. As such, it is certainly evident that Commonwealth Bank has the largest client base in the country at present.

One of the most popular financial solutions offered by Commonwealth Bank is the personal loan. Through personal banking, Commonwealth Bank aims to help clients achieve their goals or finance emergency expenses, whether for college education, a new or used car, home repairs and renovations, retirement, investments, and health concerns. Other equally outstanding and in-demand financial solutions by Commonwealth Bank are credit cards, home insurance plans, travel insurance plans, car insurance plans, life insurance plans, loan insurance plans, small to medium business insurance plans, and term deposits.