Bank of Queensland

Bank of Queensland is an Australian retail bank that prides itself in being among the fastest growing in its field. It offers common bank services that ostensibly include personal loan offerings and business assistance for aspiring Australian entrepreneurs.

However, Bank of Queensland is more than just your standard retail bank. This is because this Australian-based financial institution is heavily involved in a number of socially-conscious development projects that is part of its mission to invest in the area where a bank branch is operating.

In particular, the investments that Bank of Queensland regularly makes focuses on providing assistance to Australian youth which it considers as the future of Australia. As such, it has encouraged its staff to get involved in at least one of five major areas where the youth is directly affected. These areas include the environment, the arts, health, welfare, and education.

In more concrete terms, the bank regularly encourages its shareholders to provide support for various youth hospitals which they can undertake through the dividend donation scheme of the bank. The support can come in the form of financial assistance although as a matter of policy, Bank of Queensland prefers that its members and staff extend their support through non-financial means.

For example, there is an ongoing Bank of Queensland program called Operation Financial Literacy, a free teaching resource intended for Australian high school teachers. It covers common financial subjects like financial planning, credit, savings, and budgeting, the contents of which can be conveniently provided by bank employees and staff. To date, over a thousand different high schools in Australia have decided to avail of this innovative program from Bank of Queensland.

There are many other areas in Australia where the bank is known to regularly invest its resources in. Quite obviously, this is one completely different bank as it is not merely concerned in making profits through its various financial products like loans. It is also concerned in giving back to the Australian community part of what it has generated in the performance of its many banking functions.